A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Love Triangle is a visual novel-style dating simulator game starring Bill Cipher from the Disney animated TV series Gravity Falls and YOU as his love interest! Will you be able to win the heart of this chaotic interdimensional entity? Or perhaps more importantly, what are you willing to surrender in exchange for it...?

Last update: August 2018

Next update: Winter 2018 (Hopefully hhhh)

Screenshots for the current version:


Game dev: Brooke
Writer: Healer
Artists: Wednesday and Foxie
Music Department:Silver

Game Website |Game Jolt

Install instructions

Sadly this is gonna be mostly a tutorial for windows users and not mac users (since i don’t have a mac nor do I know how ANYTHING works on there) So sorry in advance for you guys!!

So first and foremost you gotta download the thing. Depending on which kinda computer you have you can either choose one for windows or one for mac. afterwards you should get the zipped folder somewhere in your downloads folder or something.

The game requires you to have 7zip or other unzipping programs that allow you to open zipped files! once you do that all you gotta do is right click the file then extract the files like so:

Once you do it'll ask you where to put the folder in. Click the "..." to determine the path of where you want the folder stored on your computer before clicking "Ok."

(I used 'Love Cafe' as an example but the same works for 'Love Triangle')

Once that's done you go into the folder and find the little icon with the anime girl (It also has a .exe or says its an application if you hover over it)

After that just smash that left click on there and the game should open up perfectly! Hope this helps!


LTDS-1.3 for PC 296 MB
LTDS-1.3 for MAC 278 MB

Development log